Coin Acceptor Slot Machine Module (12V)
  • Coin Acceptor Slot Machine Module (12V)

#4381: Coin Acceptor Slot Machine Module (12V)


Accurately Identify
According to the size of the coin, the material can identify the true and false coins. Prevent phishing and other means of cheating,cheat alarm.
Personalized Settings
You can manually set the currency according to your needs, and the CPU will intelligently remember the currency you set.
Multi-Currency Recognition
Set up to recognize different coins to meet your currency diversification needs, Suitable for a variety of coins.
Widely Application
The three-step pulse speed signal output, N.O. and N.C. output switch adjustments, has a wide range of application and can be modified as needed. Suitable of water vending machine, snack vending machine or game machine.
Cumulative Functions
The cumulative signal output and time control functions can be increased, and the coin acceptance prohibition function can be increased.

Product Details

Type: Coin Acceptor
Identify accuracy rate: 95%
Identity speed: 0.6 second
Power source: DC 12±10%
Working current: 50mA
Moment max. Current: 350mA (less than 0.5s)
Operating temperature: -10-60℃
Storing temperature: -20-85℃
Operating humidity: ≤95%
Barometric pressure: 85Kpa-106Kpa
Applying coin diameter: 15mm-29mm
Applying coin thickness: 1.8mm-3.0mm
Size: 12.3*6.3cm/4.84*2.48in

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Coin Acceptor Slot Machine Module (12V)

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