UV LED (5mm, Purple)
  • UV LED (5mm, Purple)

#4400: UV LED (5mm, Purple)


The LEDs utilise InGaN material technology and feature water-clear transparent lenses. Typical application areas include disinfection and sterilisation, adhesive curing, leak detection and security authentication.


  • UV LEDs emit ultraviolet light which can be hazardous to the human eye. Do not look at operating UV LEDs without necessary eye protection.

Product Details


Attribute Value
Number of LEDs 1
Peak Wavelength 385nm
Luminous Intensity 100 mcd
Package Type 5 mm
Viewing Angle 15 °
Number of Pins 2
LED Material InGaN
Mounting Type Through Hole
Diameter 5.9mm
Height 8.6mm
Dimensions 5.9 (Dia.) x 8.6mm
Series VAOL


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UV LED (5mm, Purple)

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