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Flexinol Actuator Nitinol Wire - (0.3mm Diameter, 0.5M Length, Memory Wire)
  • Flexinol Actuator Nitinol Wire - (0.3mm Diameter, 0.5M Length, Memory Wire)

#4401: Flexinol Actuator Nitinol Wire - (0.3mm Diameter, 0.5M Length, Memory Wire)


Flexinol actuator wire, also known as Nitinol wire, is a type of shape memory alloy that can contract or expand when heated or cooled. Flexinol actuator wire is made from a combination of nickel and titanium, and it is known for its high strength, durability, and ability to change shape in response to temperature changes.

The diameter and length of Flexinol actuator wire are important factors that determine its performance and suitability for different applications. A wire with a diameter of 0.3mm and a length of 0.5M would be relatively thin and short, making it suitable for use in small or compact devices.

Flexinol actuator wire can be used in a wide range of applications, including robotics, medical devices, and consumer products. It can be used to actuate mechanical devices, such as grippers, levers, or hinges, or to control the flow of fluids or gases. The wire can be controlled by applying a current to it, which causes it to heat up and change shape, or by cooling it down to return it to its original shape.

To use Flexinol actuator wire, you will need to connect the wire to a power source and a control system, such as a microcontroller or a driver circuit. You will also need to consider the temperature range and switching temperature of the wire, as well as the forces and displacements that it can generate.



This 0.012" Flexinol Actuator Wires (aka shape memory Nitinol) is a one foot long piece of nickel-titanium alloy that can flex and contract when a specific amount of heat or current is applied to it and are made specifically for linear actuators to replace small motors or solenoids. If you are asking yourself "What sorcery is this?!" We assure you, this isn't magic, it's just simple science thanks to shape memory and a change between the wires weaker, low temperature form (martensitic) and its stronger, high temperature form (austenite).

When the Flexinol is in its martensitic form, it can be formed and bent into different shapes. However, when an electrical current of ~200mA is applied to the wire, or is heated to ~100C it reverts to austenite form and recovers its previous shape with great force. Additionally, you can anneal at ~500C (use an industrial furnace or simply a lighter) it to whatever shape you would want, next once that current or heat is applied it will return to that new shape.

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0.3mm Diameter

0.5M Length

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Flexinol Actuator Nitinol Wire - (0.3mm Diameter, 0.5M Length, Memory Wire)

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