2N7000G N-CHANNEL MOSFET - (200MA, 60V)
  • 2N7000G N-CHANNEL MOSFET - (200MA, 60V)

#4422: 2N7000G N-CHANNEL MOSFET - (200MA, 60V)


This low-cost MOSFET transistor is triggered with a voltage between 0.8V-3V and can supply up to 60V at 200mA.

Product Details


Channel Type N
Maximum Continuous Drain Current 200 mA
Maximum Drain Source Voltage 60 V
Package Type TO-92
Mounting Type Through Hole
Pin Count 3
Maximum Drain Source Resistance 5 Ω
Channel Mode Enhancement
Maximum Gate Threshold Voltage 3V
Maximum Power Dissipation 350 mW
Transistor Configuration Single
Maximum Gate Source Voltage -20 V, +20 V
Number of Elements per Chip 1
Length 5.2mm
Width 4.19mm
Transistor Material Si
Minimum Operating Temperature -55 °C
Height 5.33mm
Maximum Operating Temperature +150 °C

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2N7000G N-CHANNEL MOSFET - (200MA, 60V)

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