QiDi X-Max 3D Printer (Industrial-Quality Carbon Fibre Printer)
  • QiDi X-Max 3D Printer (Industrial-Quality Carbon Fibre Printer)

#4457: QiDi X-Max 3D Printer (Industrial-Quality Carbon Fibre Printer)


There are many reason why we at Leobot Electronics believe the QiDi X-Max 3D printer is the best single-extruder 3D printer available today for anyone serious about quality & consistent 3D printing.
The QiDi X-Max has many features to remove all the hassles from 3D printing that we do not even know where to start!
The print environment is carefully controlled with a fully-enclosued print area; the print bed is made of a flexible magnetic plate to easily remove 3D prints without hassle; the included software has built-in profile settings for the various materials and allows you to easily start printing over a WiFi connection; the LCD interface shows an actual picture of the 3D print before starting so that you know what is being printed in case you forgot and is surprisingly useful. 

The support structures generated by this 3D printer are so fine that they can usually be removed easily without leaving any marks on the model.

The printer comes with 2 extruders, one for normal material such as PLA, ABS etc. and, another extruder that is made specifically for higher temperatures and harder material such as carbon fibre and nylon.

At Leobot Electronics we are now exlusively using these entry-level industrial 3D printers to provide 3D printing services to our customers (www.leobot3d.com). We have yet to experience a failed print!

This printer is under a 1-year warranty by QiDi and requires a 7-day lead time to administrate.

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Please note that this item has a lead time of 7 days.

Print Size: 300mmx250mmx300mm
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
Software Compatibility: Windows/ Mac
Print Speed: 30-150mm/s
Power: 450W
Weight: 37Kg
Support Filament Material: Carbon Fibre, Nylon, PETG, TPU, PC, ABS, PLA and more
Extruder Temperature: 300C
Voltage: 220V
Connection Options: WIFI/LAN/USB Drive





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QiDi X-Max 3D Printer (Industrial-Quality Carbon Fibre Printer)

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