LED 5mm - Flashing Red
  • LED 5mm - Flashing Red

#4938: LED 5mm - Flashing Red


These flashing red LEDs will provide your projects will light, instantly! Whether you need to indicate activity in your circuit or simply want to visual effects to your project, LEDs are simple to use and cheap to purchase!

Remember to never plug any LED directly to the power supply or it will destroy it! Ensure that the current through the LED is never more than 20mA. The easiest way to do this is to simply add a resister in series with the LED to reduce the Current to below 20mA. For example, if you have a power supply of of 4.5V then you would need to add a resistor of at least 50 Ohm to ensure the LED has less than 20mA of Current going through it.

Product Details

5mm Cover
2V Forward Voltage.

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LED 5mm - Flashing Red

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