Graphite Powder (60ml)
  • Graphite Powder (60ml)

#5026: Graphite Powder (60ml)


Graphite consists of layers of bonded carbon atoms. Each layer is made up of hexagonally bonded carbon atoms. The forces of attraction between these layers are weak van der Waals forces. Due to this, these layers can slide over each other and thus graphite can be use as lubricant.

Product Details

Material:graphite powder

-- Used for lubricating and maintaining.
-- Suitable for gate lock,safety lock ,car locks and other locks set.
-- Non-toxic and hurtlessness,non-oil,non-dust,antifreezing,anti-corrosion.
-- Can lubricate all the hinge,lock,include the car gate,engine cover.

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Graphite Powder (60ml)

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