Graphene Powder (1g, 5-50μm)
  • Graphene Powder (1g, 5-50μm)

#5028: Graphene Powder (1g, 5-50μm)


Graphene is a hexagonal lattice of carbon atoms that spread to form a single sheet in 2 dimensions. There is no limit to the size that graphene sheets can become. The existence of graphene has been well-known for a long time, with TEM images of multi-layer graphene structures being taken as early as the 1940's. However, research into this material only properly began in 2004, when a simple method for isolating single layers of graphene was discovered. Graphene is the constituent material of several forms of carbon materials - including graphite, carbon nanotubes, and fullerenes. 

Initial work on graphene showed that its properties vastly exceeded those of the bulk graphite that it was taken from. Properties such as the strength showed that a single layer of the material was over 200 times stronger than steel; the mobility of both holes and electrons were comparable to that of bulk metals such as copper; the thermal conductivity is so high as to be considered ballistic without impedance from the material itself; and single layers have a high opacity with over 2% of light at the near infrared being absorbed.

All of these unique properties mean that graphene could find use in a wide variety of applications including electrochemical capacitor devices, anti-corrosion coatings, composite materials, transparent conducting films, thermal pastes, as well as sensing and biosensing applications.

Product Details

Form: black powder
Layer Diameter: 5-50μm
Layers Number:5-10
Thickness: 3.4-8nm
Specific surface area: 100-300m2/g
Carbon content: >95%
Weight 1g 

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Graphene Powder (1g, 5-50μm)

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