Steam Sensor Module (DFRobot)
  • Steam Sensor Module (DFRobot)

#5029: Steam Sensor Module (DFRobot)


This steam sensor can be connected to the Arduino IO Expansion shield directly. The output voltage will increase when the humidity of the sensor surface goes up.

Warning: The connector is not waterproof, please be careful not to put the connector directly in water.

Simple rain detector
Cheap steam level switch
Touch sensor based on humidity

Product Details

Power supply: 3.3v or 5v
Output voltage signal: 0~4.5v(@5v) or 0~3.0v(@3.3v)
Pin definition:
Analog output (Blue wire)
GND (Black wire)
Power (Red wire)
Size: 30x20x6mm

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Steam Sensor Module (DFRobot)

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