Power MOSFET N-Channel (30V / 150A)
  • Power MOSFET N-Channel (30V / 150A)

#5045: Power MOSFET N-Channel (30V / 150A)


power MOSFET is a specific type of metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) designed to handle significant power levels. Compared to the other power semiconductor devices, such as an insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) or a thyristor, its main advantages are high switching speed and good efficiency at low voltages. It shares with the IGBT an isolated gate that makes it easy to drive. They can be subject to low gain, sometimes to a degree that the gate voltage needs to be higher than the voltage under control.

The design of power MOSFETs was made possible by the evolution of MOSFET and CMOS technology, used for manufacturing integrated circuits since the 1960s. The power MOSFET shares its operating principle with its low-power counterpart, the lateral MOSFET. The power MOSFET, which is commonly used in power electronics, was adapted from the standard MOSFET and commercially introduced in the 1970s.

Product Details


Parametric IRLB8743
Package   TO-220
VDS  max 30.0V
RDS (on) (@10V)  max 3.2mΩ
RDS (on)  max 3.2mΩ
RDS (on) (@4.5V)  max 4.2mΩ
Polarity   N
ID (@ TC=100°C)  max 110.0A
ID  max 110.0A
ID (@ TC=25°C)  max 150.0A
Ptot  max 140.0W
QG   36.0nC 
Mounting   THT
Tj  max 175.0°C
Qgd   13.0nC 
RthJC  max 1.11K/W
VGS  max 20.0V

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Power MOSFET N-Channel (30V / 150A)

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