High Precision Laser Distance Range Finder Module (3.3V-5V, TTL)
  • High Precision Laser Distance Range Finder Module (3.3V-5V, TTL)

#5080: High Precision Laser Distance Range Finder Module (3.3V-5V, TTL)


This high precision laser range finder module uses TTL to interface with a microcontroller to determine the distance to an object with great accuracy.

Installation Notes:
1. Please do not loosen the 4 screws of the PCB circuit board, that is, loosening and stress after precision focus adjustment may cause irreparable defocus problems!
2. For fixing, you can use the three round holes left on the module for fixing. Please do not apply obvious external force to the circuit board or squeeze or distort the optical structure.
3. The module should not be used for a long time under strong vibration environment. If installed in a use environment with obvious vibration, the front end should have a certain soft fixation.
4. Care should be taken to keep the entire optical path of the module clean. Laser tube windows, small transmitting lenses, large receiving lenses, housing windows, and other optical lenses should be kept clean. Do not expose the module to dusty environments, and do not touch the transmitting and receiving lenses with your fingers. Especially when measuring long distance or weak reflection targets, the lens contamination will obviously or seriously affect the measurement! Contaminated lenses can be blown off with a strong skin to remove surface particles and floating dust, and then wipe it with a soft paper with a small amount of dust. Do not wipe it back and forth, and do not touch it with the paper or the place where it has been rubbed. Wipe the lenses! Do not wipe the transmitting and receiving lenses with liquids that are not suitable for PMMA resin lenses!
Outdoor use instructions:
1. The ability of the module to measure outdoors during the day is significantly reduced, especially in the sun. Therefore, it should cooperate with a special reflective plate or reflective film. However, the reflection film may cause excessive signal when measuring within 10 meters.
2. Direct sunlight on the lens of the module, or direct reflection surface with an angle of less than 45 degrees from the laser beam exit direction, may make it impossible to measure. Rain and snow can also make it impossible to measure.
3, whether indoor or outdoor, avoid reflecting surface is mirror or transparent and translucent unless special use.
V. Instructions for use of the upper computer
If necessary, you can ask the customer service for an upper computer software package after placing the order. You can also use the serial debugging tool, which can be selected according to your own needs. You can also ask our customer service for the installation package of the serial debugging tool. Of course, you can also download it online.
PC software interface

Product Details

Interface: 3.3V-5V / TTL232 three-wire serial interface (ie single-chip UART / USART / SCI interface, please do not directly connect RS232 interface!).
Baud rate: (4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200) optional, default 38400
Power supply voltage: 3.3V;
Working current: <180mA;
Measuring range: 0.04 ~ 40m (based on the front of the module)
Measurement speed: up to 5HZ, that is, 5 data can be measured within 1s;
Measurement accuracy: ± 2mm + 5 * 10 (-5) D, where D is the measurement distance;
Operating temperature: -10 ~ 50 ℃;
Storage temperature: -30 ~ 70 ℃;
Product size: 60 * 31 * 14mm (length * width * height);
Connection diagram:
Description: 1-EN_PWR // *** High level (3.3V ~ 5V) enable terminal, set high level for normal operation, set low level
When the machine is in a low power state *** //
2-RX // *** communication receiving end *** //
3-TX // *** communication sender *** //
4-GND // *** signal ground, and negative power supply port *** //
5-3.3V // *** Power supply “positive” port *** /

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High Precision Laser Distance Range Finder Module (3.3V-5V, TTL)

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