Soil Moisture (Humidity) Sensor Module
  • Soil Moisture (Humidity) Sensor Module

#556: Soil Moisture (Humidity) Sensor Module


This Humidity sensor module can be used in either Digital mode, to act as a switch when the humidity level reaches below a threshold or, can be used in Analog mode to get exact readings.

This soil moisture (and humidity) sensor will activate an output pin once the humidity level reaches below a certain theshold. The threshold can be fine-tuned by adjusting the onboard potentiometer to the desired value. This pin can be connected to your Arduino's Digitial Input pin. Alternatively, connect the Analog output pin directly to you Arduino's Analog input pins for more accurate readings instead.


Example code can be found at


Product Details

1 Adjustable Sensitivity ( using potentiometer adjustment )

2 Operating Voltage 3.3V-5V

3 Module Dual Output mode , a simple digital output , analog output more accurate.

4 with fixed bolt hole for easy installation

5 small PCB board size : 3cm * 1.6cm

6 Power indicator ( red ) and the digital switch Output indicator ( green )

7 using LM393 comparator chip , stable

8 VCC external 3.3V-5V

9 GND GND External

10 DO small board digital output interfaces ( 0 and 1 )

11 AO small board analog output interface

Example Instructable with Source Code is available at



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Soil Moisture (Humidity) Sensor Module

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