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Double-Ended Alligator Clip Jumper Wire (45cm)
  • Double-Ended Alligator Clip Jumper Wire (45cm)

#589: Double-Ended Alligator Clip Jumper Wire (45cm)


A double-ended alligator clip jumper wire is a type of test lead that is used to connect two components or conductors together. It consists of two alligator clips, one on each end of the wire. The alligator clips are mechanical devices that attach to a conductor or component, and are designed to clamp onto the component and make a secure electrical connection. The wire in between the alligator clips is usually made of a flexible and insulated material, the length can vary, in this case is 45cm. This type of test lead is commonly used in electronic testing and measurement, prototyping, and DIY projects, as it allows for quick and easy connections to be made without the need for soldering or other types of permanent connections.



Double-Ended Alligator Clip Jumper Wire 

Aligator clipped jumper wires are extremely useful during prototyping, troubleshooting and providing temporary but strongly-connected connectivity.

Product Details

1 Cable
Cable length: 45-48cm
Jaw Opening: 8mm
Length of clips: 27mm
Insulation: insulated
Colors: Either Black Red White Green Yellow

Product Details

Est. Packaging Size Specifications



Double-Ended Alligator Clip Jumper Wire (45cm)

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