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Alien Clapton Coil Heating Wire (Premade Coil)
  • Alien Clapton Coil Heating Wire (Premade Coil)

#85: Alien Clapton Coil Heating Wire (Premade Coil)


This small premade coil is perfect for DIY vape products! 

An Alien Clapton coil is a type of pre-made coil that is used in electronic cigarettes and other vaping devices. It is named after its unique shape, which resembles the letter "X" or the shape of an alien head. The Alien Clapton coil is made by wrapping a thin wire (called the core wire) with a thicker wire (called the outer wire). The resulting coil has a larger surface area than a traditional coil, which allows it to heat up faster and produce more vapor.

Using a pre-made coil like the Alien Clapton can be convenient for vapers, as it saves time and effort compared to building a coil from scratch. Pre-made coils are also often more consistent and reliable than hand-built coils, as they are made using precision machinery and quality control processes. However, pre-made coils can be more expensive than building your own coils, and some vapers prefer the customization and control that comes with building their own coils.

Product Details

Alien Clapton Coil

Gauge : 26GA+32GA     

Resistance :0.45

Product Details

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Alien Clapton Coil Heating Wire (Premade Coil)

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