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W1209 Temperature Controller
  • W1209 Temperature Controller
  • W1209 Temperature Controller
  • W1209 Temperature Controller
  • W1209 Temperature Controller
  • W1209 Temperature Controller
  • W1209 Temperature Controller

#12680: W1209 Temperature Controller


The W1209 Mini thermostat temperature controller is a compact and low-cost device designed for controlling temperature in various applications. It features a 7-segment display and a 3-switch keypad for easy configuration of temperature settings and other parameters. The controller uses an NTC thermistor for accurate temperature sensing with a resolution of 0.1°C.

Key Specifications of the W1209 Temperature Controller:

  1. Supply Voltage: The controller operates on a DC supply voltage of 12V (maximum). It is recommended to use a buck converter to smooth out any voltage spikes that may exceed 12V.

  2. Current Consumption: The static current is less than or equal to 35mA, and the attract current (current while operating) is less than or equal to 65mA.

  3. Output Power: The controller is equipped with a 10A relay for switching the output.

  4. Measurement Input: It uses an NTC (10K 0.5%) waterproof sensor for temperature measurement. The sensor has a cable length of approximately 52cm.

  5. Environmental Requirements: The temperature range for operation is -10°C to 60°C, with a humidity range of 20% to 85%.

  6. Temperature Control Mode: The controller operates in ON/OFF mode, where it turns the connected device ON when the temperature falls below the set value and turns it OFF when the temperature rises above the set value.

  7. Temperature Range and Accuracy: The temperature control range is from -50°C to +110°C, with an accuracy of 0.1°C. The hysteresis accuracy is also 0.1°C.

  8. Refresh Rate: The temperature display is updated every 0.5 seconds.

  9. High Temperature Protection: The controller has a high-temperature protection feature, with a range of 0°C to 110°C.

  10. Resolution: The resolution is 0.1°C for temperatures between -9.9°C and +99.9°C. For all other temperature values, the resolution is 1°C.

The W1209 temperature controller is simple to use, and no programming knowledge is required. It is widely used in applications where temperature control is critical, such as heating systems, cooling systems, and other industrial and DIY projects. The compact size and cost-effectiveness make it a popular choice among hobbyists, electronics enthusiasts, and engineers working on temperature-controlled projects.

Product Details

Supply voltage: DC 12V (MAX) if spikes higher than 12V add an extra Buck converter for smoothing.
Static current: ≤35MA, attract current ≤65MA
Output power: 10A relay
Measurement input: NTC (10K 0.5%) Waterproof Sensor
Environmental requirements: -10 ~ 60°C, Humidity 20% ~ 85%
Dimensions: 48 x 40mm
Cable length: About 52 cm
Temperature control mode: ON / OFF
Temperature range: -50 ~ +110°C
Control accuracy: 0.1°C
Hysteresis accuracy: 0.1°C
Refresh rate: 0.5S
High temperature protection: 0 ~ 110°C
Resolution: When the temperature is 0.1°C, the resolution is -9.9~99.9, other temperature segment is 1°C


Datasheet & Manual Available Here:


Product Details

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W1209 Temperature Controller

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