LM317 Voltage Regulator TO-92
  • LM317 Voltage Regulator TO-92

#177: LM317 Voltage Regulator TO-92


The LM317 (TO-92) is an adjustable 3−terminal voltage regulator
that can supply 100 mA output over an output voltage range of
1.2 V to 37 V. 
This voltage regulator is exceptionally easy to use and
requires only two external resistors to set the output voltage. 
The LM317 is a robost regulator with internal current control, thermal blow-out protection and perfect for precision control of the current in a circuit.


The LM317 serves a wide variety of applications including local, on
card regulation. This device can also be used to make a programmable
output regulator, or by connecting a fixed resistor between the
adjustment and output, the LM317 can be used as a precision current

Product Details

• Output Current in Excess of 100 mA
• Output Adjustable between 1.2 V and 37 V
• Internal Thermal Overload Protection
• Internal Short Circuit Current Limiting Constant with Temperature
• Output Transistor Safe−Area Compensation
• Floating Operation for High Voltage Applications
• Eliminates Stocking many Fixed Voltages
• Available in Surface Mount D2PAK−3, and Standard 3−Lead
Transistor Package
• NCV Prefix for Automotive and Other Applications Requiring
Unique Site and Control Change Requirements; AEC−Q100
Qualified and PPAP Capable
• These are Pb−Free Devices


LM317 Voltage Regulator TO-92

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