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Multi-functional Arduino Learning Shield
  • Multi-functional Arduino Learning Shield

#2648: Multi-functional Arduino Learning Shield


A multi-functional Arduino learning shield is a type of expansion board that can be used with an Arduino microcontroller to enhance its capabilities. It typically includes a variety of different components, such as buttons, switches, sensors, displays, and connectors, which can be used to build and test a variety of electronic projects.

The purpose of a learning shield is to provide a convenient platform for learning and experimentation with the Arduino. It can be especially useful for beginners, as it provides a pre-assembled set of components that can be easily connected and used with the Arduino. Learning shields can also be useful for more advanced users, as they can provide a convenient way to prototype and test new ideas without having to spend time building and soldering individual components.

There are many different types of multi-functional Arduino learning shields available, and they can vary in terms of the specific components and features they include. Some examples of components that might be included on a learning shield include OLED displays, rotary encoders, pushbuttons, temperature sensors, and connectors for external devices.


The Multi-function Shield has the following characteristics: 
1 UNO Shield
2, 4 -way LED indicator ( LED indicator to know the importance , in the actual doing projects , with this indicator can be used directly working status LED indicates the procedure to facilitate debugging. 
3, DS18B20 temperature sensor interface that can be done to measure the temperature of the experiment , this price does not include the DS18B20 Oh, needed another shot . 
4, LM35 temperature sensor interface that can be done to measure the temperature of the experiment , this price does not include LM35 Oh, needed another shot . 
5,3296 precision adjustable potentiometer, analog input port ( can be used for controlling LED brightness, turn the steering angle , the digital voltage, etc. ) 
6 Integrated Infrared (IR) receiver that can fit any infrared remote control experiments , the price also does not include the integrated receiver and needed another shot . 
7 , Four digital tube ( using 74HC595 driver provincial IO learning SPI), you can do digital display experiment ( can display temperature , voltage, counter value , etc. ) . 
8 , Three separate buttons, a reset button , the button can do experiments ( HMI ) . 
9 , Buzzer sound can be used for experiments . ( Can call the police , pronunciation , etc. ) 
10 , Bluetooth, wireless interfaces, voice module , voice recognition module can be used for wireless communication experiment 
11 , Servo interface, easy to drive servos 
12 , Infrared detection interface, easy and infrared docking realization of human traffic statistics , etc.

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Multi-functional Arduino Learning Shield

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