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125KHz RFID Reader Module (5V, UART 3Pin, EM4100)
  • 125KHz RFID Reader Module (5V, UART 3Pin, EM4100)

#2836: 125KHz RFID Reader Module (5V, UART 3Pin, EM4100)


The 7941E card reader module is an high performance card reading radio frequency circuit, has an antenna included and allows for selection of Wiegand or UART interface mode. Note that this is a 125KHz reader.

Connection Introduction:
Power:DC 5v power supply ,choose linearity power can gain better effects
D1 D0:wiegand data output DATA1,DATA0
for:format selection (hanging means w26,ground connection means w34)

Wirgand interface output introduction:
The serial number will be output via Data 0 & Data 1 (two data wires)
Data 0 and Data 1 are high level when there is no data output
Data Bit 0:it will generate 400us low level on Data 0 wire
Data Bit 1:it will generate 400us low level on Data 1 wire
Every data length is 2400us
Every card has a serial number with 4 bytes,users should output the last three bytes
Add the first 12-bit even check bit in the front and add the last 12-bit odd check bit in the back ,26-bit data in total
Card number is 6B 3D 12 D6
Output data is 3D 12 D6


For example:

If the data received by serial port tool is 02 0A 02 2E 00 B6 D7 B5 F2 03,then:
the first byte 0x02 means data start
the second byte 0x0A means the whole data length is 10 bytes,which includes data start and data end
the third byte 0x02 means the card type is EM4100
the forth to eighth byte(0x2e 0x00 0xb6 0xd7 0xb5)means the read card number,and the fourth byte 0x2E is hidden card number
the ninth byte 0xf2 means Bcc check of second byte to eighth byte
the tenth byte 0x03 means data end

Product Details

Voltage:DC 5V
Support 125khz card reading
Operating temperature:-20 to 70 celsius
EM4100 card reading distance:>8cm


Product Details

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125KHz RFID Reader Module (5V, UART 3Pin, EM4100)

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