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Mini Tesla Coil DIY Kit (15-24 V DC; 15W; Plasma Speakers)
  • Mini Tesla Coil DIY Kit (15-24 V DC; 15W; Plasma Speakers)
  • Mini Tesla Coil DIY Kit (15-24 V DC; 15W; Plasma Speakers)

#3005: Mini Tesla Coil DIY Kit (15-24 V DC; 15W; Plasma Speakers)


Introducing the Mini Tesla Coil DIY Kit - the perfect solution for electronics enthusiasts who want to create their own mini Tesla coil and enjoy the wonders of plasma speakers. This compact and powerful kit packs a punch with its 15-24 V DC input voltage and 15W output power, delivering mesmerizing plasma arcs and vibrant sound.

With this kit, you can easily assemble your own mini Tesla coil, providing a hands-on learning experience for beginners and experts alike. The kit comes with all the necessary components and step-by-step instructions, making it easy to build your own high-frequency generator and explore the wonders of wireless energy transfer.

The kit is equipped with plasma speakers, which create stunning visual and audio effects, adding an extra dimension of excitement to your experiments. The plasma speakers use the high-voltage output of the Tesla coil to create a stream of plasma, which vibrates at high frequencies, producing crisp and clear sound.

Not only is the Mini Tesla Coil DIY Kit a fun and educational tool, but it also serves as an impressive display piece. Once assembled, the mini Tesla coil emits stunning plasma arcs, providing a mesmerizing visual display that is sure to impress.

In summary, the Mini Tesla Coil DIY Kit is a high-quality, user-friendly kit that delivers a powerful and mesmerizing experience. It is perfect for anyone interested in electronics, science, and technology and provides a unique opportunity to learn and experiment with wireless energy transfer and plasma speakers.



This is an interesting DIY kit based on Tesla's famous coils to generate cool sound (known as 'plasma speakers'). 

Product Details

15-24 V DC input voltage 
when 24 V, 5-10mm arc length meters is ideal, small size, power range and power, can be a long working uninterrupted, you can also take LED lit, foam
Energy-saving lamps, frequency flash tube, you can play power transmission wireless, rotary arc and so on.
Size: 38 * 79mm
Power: 15 w
Power Input: DC 15-24V, Current 2A, DC5.5 Interface
Audio input: 3.5 jack, you can connect your phone, mp3, computer audio

Product Details

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Mini Tesla Coil DIY Kit (15-24 V DC; 15W; Plasma Speakers)

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