5kg Electronic Scale Sensor (Load Cell 5 to 10V, YZC-131)
  • 5kg Electronic Scale Sensor (Load Cell 5 to 10V, YZC-131)

#2709: 5kg Electronic Scale Sensor (Load Cell 5 to 10V, YZC-131)


Weighing Load Cell Sensor 5Kg for Electronic Scale (YZC-131)



 Use this load cell to build your own scale and determine the mass of objects.


Product features
Rated Load: 5Kg
Protection class: IP65

Product description
Note: The color of the item may vary slightly due to photography and your own computer
Wiring: Red line voltage positive, Black line voltage negative
White Line signal positive, Green line signal negative 
Rated Load: 5Kg
Rated Output: 1.0 to positive and negative 0.1mV or V 
Nonlinear: 0.03 percent F.S 
Hysteresis: 0.03 percent F.S 
Repeatability: 0.03 percent F.S
Creep(5 minutes): 0.05 percent F.S 
Output temperature: 0.003 percent F.S or degree celsius
Zero temperature: 0.02 percent F.S or degree celsius
Zero balance: positive and negative 0.1000 mV or V 
Input impedance: 1066 positive and negative 20 percent ohm
Output impedance: 1000 positive and negative 10 percent ohm
Insulation Resistance: 2000 Megohms
Operating temperature range: minus 20 to 65 degree celsius
Recommended operating voltage: 5 VDC 
Maximum operating voltage: 10 VDC 
Protection class: IP65
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Size: 75 x 13 x 13mm or 2.95 x 0.51 x 0.51 inch
Weight: 30g

Product Details

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5kg Electronic Scale Sensor (Load Cell 5 to 10V, YZC-131)

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