ADXL345 3-Axis Accelerometer Module
  • ADXL345 3-Axis Accelerometer Module

#519: ADXL345 3-Axis Accelerometer Module


The ADXL345 chip is cap-based Accelerometer sensor.

The Accelerometer measures total acceleration on an object, including the static acceleration from gravity it would experience even when its not moving.

It can be used to easily be used to detect gravity strength, acceleration or the title (angle) of the object the module is attached to.

This module provides information on all 3 Dimensions, or 3-Axis, of Space at a single point in time.

Example code can be found here:

Product Details

Boad size: 2.8 (cm) x 1.4 (cm)

1.On-board ADXL345, it's a low cost cap-based accelerometer sensor;
2.Support 5V/3.3V voltage input, onboard RT9161, better performance than 1117, faster load the appropriate speed, it is ideal for high noise power supply environment;
3.Common Pins were lead out, Pin distance is standard 100mil (2.54mm), compatible for your new system.
4.PCB board is Gold-plated, Boad size: 2.8 (cm) x 1.4 (cm)



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ADXL345 3-Axis Accelerometer Module

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